How I Work

A website is not JUST a website. It is a web presence of a business. The presence that works as a store front for many of us. In which case, the websites should reflect the real business. I make sure I follow that.


From understanding your business, to understanding what your clients want. We make sure we align the needs of all - the business, the clients and the employee.


With the research data complete, and the magic algorithms implemented, our creative brains churn out the requirements on paper. This is where our artists come out to perform.


The final design of how the website would look, feel and the flow of the entire website shall be designed. This would give a clear idea to the client, how the website would work when ready.


Final design is then made by the expert artisans who have been chiseling through the rocks of codes since ages. This is where the whole website really comes to life.


Making sure that the website is upto the mark in terms of SEO, Page Speed, Load time, Compression of data, Redundancy reduction etc is taken care of at this stage.


We make sure that we deliver what needs to be. We deliver what matters to the client!! The experience that we deliver makes sure that the client does not lose on the goals set.


These are some of my projects done.

Happy Customers

Web Designing Pricing

Basic Plan


  • 1 Landing Page
  • AMC - Gold
  • Weekdays Support
  • Domain & Hosting Additional
Platinum Plan


  • 1 Main Page
  • Upto 6 different templates
  • Weekdays Support
  • AMC - Platinum
  • Upto 2* Dynamic Modules
  • Domain charges extra
All Access Plan


  • 1 Main Page
  • 20* Page Templates
  • 12/7 Support
  • AMC - All Access
  • Upto 4* Dynamic Modules

Thank you for being with us!